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About Us: The Story Behind Anthillz

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If you are new to Anthillz, you are probably wondering, “What is Anthillz anyway?”  Let me share our story with you, including what we are and why we are here.

Anthillz is a business network focused exclusively on the trusted business relationships that really matter.

We created Anthillz because, as power networkers ambitious about our careers, we found ourselves connecting with the wrong people on networks like LinkedIn.

It seemed like every day, instead of building helpful relationships, we were responding to requests from acquaintances and people we hardly knew.

We found ourselves distracted from the close and trusted relationships that were actually paying off for us.  In a sense, our networks were actually getting weaker.

So we started to wonder…

What if we focused our startup, Anthillz, on doing business networking the right way?

As we started to explore the idea, most people told us we were crazy.  They told us we were too late, too small, and too inexperienced.

Of course, as any good entrepreneur will tell you, hearing “No” only adds fuel on the fire.  

So we said, why not give it a shot?   We know real-world professional networking as well as anyone, and we think we can do this a lot better.  What’s more, there are a lot of people who are just as frustrated as we are.

We figured that in the best case, we would create a thriving alternative for professionals like us.  And in the worst case, we would inspire the big fish to do a little better themselves.

So in a flurry of inspiration, the new Anthillz was born.

Unlike traditional social and professional networks, Anthillz encourages you to connect with only your trusted colleagues.

The way we do this is simple.  Before you make a new connection, we require you and your colleague to write recommendations for each other, which helps to ensure that you know and trust each other.

Our emphasis on trusted colleagues—rather than acquaintances and people you hardly know—makes our network a more reliable source of recommendations, referrals, and introductions.

Our goal with this first version is to show you the power of our trusted approach to networking.  It’s just a start, and we’ve got much more in store.

Try trusted networking for yourself.  After you do, tell us what you think!


Written by Blake Jennelle

September 22, 2008 at 5:53 pm

Posted in About Us

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