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Coming soon: New features to jumpstart your reputation

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We’ve taken a new direction with Anthillz, and this post reflects a previous focus.
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Next week, we’re going to release a major update, designed to make your Anthillz reputation a living, breathing part of your professional life. There’s a lot more to your reputation than reviews, and we’re making it easy to capture the good things your colleagues are saying and thinking about you.

Upcoming features: Trusted Colleagues and Testimonials

Trusted Colleagues — The heart of your reputation

  • People who vouch for each other on Anthillz, based on the respect and trust they share.
  • Every time you add a trusted colleague, they write you a testimonial, and you write one for them.
  • Examples of trusted colleagues: coworkers, clients, bosses, peers, etc.

Testimonials — A quicker, easier way to get feedback

  • More personal and more frequent form of feedback.
  • Not necessarily tied to a specific project, like reviews.
  • More focused on the relationship you have formed over time, rather than on a particular transaction.

Three easy steps to add Trusted Colleagues and get Testimonials

It’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Invite trusted colleagues to join your network.
  2. Write testimonials for each other on your profiles.
  3. Showcase the goodwill you’ve worked hard to earn.

Why we think you’ll like the new update

  • Easier to build your profile – It will be much easier to get your colleagues to contribute to your profile. Now you give a favor to get a favor, by writing them a testimonial first.
  • Your profile will be more dynamic – By bringing more of your colleagues to your profile, you’ll get more feedback more often.
  • Your profile will be more informative and more accurate – By adding a new category of feedback, your profile will paint a richer picture of you and you work.

Written by Joe

August 18, 2008 at 10:58 am

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