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It’s here – Meet the new Anthillz!

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We’ve taken a new direction with Anthillz, and this post reflects a previous focus.
Click here to learn about what we’re currently working on

Top freelancers: We’d like to introduce you to the new Anthillz.

We took the best of what we had—our freelancer profiles—and focused on making these even more powerful.

If you already have a profile, you’ve been upgraded automatically.

If you’re good, why keep your reputation a secret?

We’re all for modesty, but not when it comes to your career.

If you work hard, you deserve a reputation that works as hard as you do.

  • Build a reputation that precedes you—Share testimonials from your clients and peers with the world.
  • Meet better clients—Attract the attention of top employers, who come to Anthillz looking for quality.
  • Take your network to the next level—Use Anthillz to find potential teammates, referrals, and people you can trust for subcontracting.

For employers, meet the best of the best

If you’re looking for seasoned talent and are willing to pay a little more for it, try searching our network.

  • Top talent at your fingertips—We attract top freelancers who care deeply about their reputation.
  • Get the inside story before you hire—Read reviews from past clients before you make a hire.
  • Use the power of accountability—Know that you can leave feedback for anyone you hire, so you can make sure you get their best work.

Keep the feedback coming

Like our freelancers, we’re constantly looking to improve.

Tell us what you’d like to see, and what we can do better.


Written by Joe

July 17, 2008 at 8:33 pm

Posted in The Archive

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  1. i think the service is great so far. just blogged a post about your service and really want to thank you for putting this together.


    August 10, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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