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Thanks For Your Patience.

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We’ve taken a new direction with Anthillz, and this post reflects a previous focus.
Click here to learn about what we’re currently working on

Hey Anthillz users, we haven’t forgotten about you – We know that it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us. Here’s what’s going on:

We made some changes on the backend in order to enhance your user experience, and we’ll have a big update shortly. We believe it is much more user-centric and will allow us to provide users with better service. Here’s a sneak preview of the Worker profiles. We’d love your feedback – leave it on the blog.

Anthillz Screenshot - Anthillz Profiles

We appreciate everyone waiting patiently.

Give Us Feedback

On another note, We really want your opinion on a few things.

  • What did you think of the sign up process?
  • How has your experience been with Anthillz thus far?
  • Did you have strong feelings about anything? The ID Verification? The References? The Emails?
  • How did your references respond to the process?

We really appreciate your feedback, it helps us streamline the process. Give us your thoughts using Comments so other users can see the discussion, thanks! (if we don’t get enough responses here we may send an email survey)


Written by Joe

June 10, 2008 at 4:14 pm

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  1. 1) I thought the sign-up process was a breeze. Good simple interface that gets the job done. (though you could hire someone for a new logo ~ me!)

    2) Anthillz team has been friendly and succinct in their emails – good.

    3)The ID verification process was new, but very quick, and valuable I’m sure to clients. This aspect makes me think of a client’s desire to be sure their hiring a legitimate designer/programmer, but I can’t help but wish I, as the designer, could have some kind of ID verification for the client as well! Will there be some kind of process for gauging positive feedback about clients? (Do they pay on time? Understand the concept of revisions? etc…)I know this probably isn’t your goal, but it definitely would be valuable to me.

    4) All my references responded rather quickly (so far I have 6). I went ahead and sent them a separate email from myself to make they aware they’d be getting the email from Anthillz. I would recommend this as I think it confirmed its legitimacy and gave ’em a little bump to fill it out. One client did say he wanted to be allowed to put ‘friend’ as well as ‘client’ though as their identity! That’s always encouraging…

    Keep up the good work, – James

    James Lytle

    June 10, 2008 at 8:53 pm

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